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Svelte 2 7in

Price : $ 45.90

Propeller size : 7"


The Svelte 2 is the result of much feedback from testers of the original Svelte design. Now with stiffer arms, smooth chamfering, countersunk screws, 3-hole motor mounts and a large canopy. The Svelte has become capable of extreme long range flight thanks to its sleek aerodynamics and light weight. The canopy is designed to house tall stacks and divert air around large batteries; you can run a battery 140mm long without adding drag!

Canopy file link coming sooon...

Unfortunately, you will need to order 8x M3 14mm countersunk screws with 6mm head diamter. Titanium is recommended. These will work but are a little bit long: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rdlogics-Titanium-Hex-Socket-Flat-Head-Screw-3-x-15mm-8-33315F/122851660479?hash=item1c9a8792bf:g:SQIAAOSwC-taK5QB


Weight: ~120g

Motor-Motor: 310mm

Arm cross-sectional dimensions: 6mm high X 7mm wide

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