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Price : $ 64.25

Propeller size : 5"


Untested frame:

This prototype has been developed from the begining in 3D, I have been very careful that everything fits well, yet it is only theory. Please review the parts yourself, they are open source, if you don't feel confident. In any case, don't blame me, I did my best on my spare time. Anyway I could not test it completely since I don't have a Split yet.

The mainplate is 4mm, all other parts are 2mm. Clearance 25mm. 2 stacks. Shown battery dimensions are 40*40*90mm.

Reasons for designing this frame:

For those who need to have a very robust 5" freestyle frame able to run a Split 2 with no props in view and fly with very low tilt (3D pilots and 2D beginners). I took the Runcam specifications for FOV angles of GoPro lens.

-I don't want to buy a new frame or a spare arm everytime I wait a bit too much to recover a dive / avoid a concrete wall /etc... Delivery to my home can be up to 2 months, so I want to be able to know I can take risks with my mind at peace.

-I think the batteries are really exposed, and since I can't easily order (batteries don't ship), I want an option to protect the battery. Plus, the batteries are an overlooked matter of safety, and they're expensive.

-I'll never be buying a GoPro, so I want a Split with no pros in HD footage


Design specifications:

-Must be opensource

-Must accept 5" 3D props, the only size easily available for 3D.

-Must accept Split-type cameras, and regular ones (28mm cage)

-Must protect the battery

-Must be True-X and with battery CG close to motors CG. Should make default PIDs good from start, hopefully.

Additionnal bonus features:

-Turtle Mode should be helped, and why not inverted take off.

-Mouting RX antennas at 90°, away from the carbon fiber and from 5.8GHz transmitter.

-ESCs protected from the props.

-Spot for GPS, exposed to satellites yet protected from damage

-Accepts a mid-range option: remove the canopy, bottom-mount the battery and it will accept up to 6.5" props, still with no props in view

-Tons of mounting options: 30.5 / 20 / 16, choose your prefered one.

-Should you use individual ESCs, you will find small holes to ziptie them.

- Should be bought only once, no spares ever needed, hopefully



1. I computed that the carbon should be ~150g given Armattan Productions carbon fiber density. That's without hardware. That's the weight price to pay for sturdiness of 4mm mainplate and a protected battery

2. It is full carbon and opensource, anyone could cut it but would you have the same quality? Owners of a cutter, you can cut a prototype in any cheap material you have, I'll be glad to hear feedback.

3. It is opensource, do whatever you want with the design, but please keep the openhardware logo and opensource your design too.

4. A Colibri is a hummingird. Can hover and fly backwards, and there are many where I live, so hence the name.

5. No profit is made here, cost is direct quotation from Armattan Productions

6. Some TPU protection could be used on the front exposed part

7. A design with separate arms would be cheaper, but I chose unibody on purpose, I still think/feel it is stronger (I have no proof of that).

8. Any suggestion, or you spotted a problem? Reach out to me!

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