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Sunshine Stretch-X 220

Price : $ 41.99

Propeller size : 5"


Frame size: 220 mm

Arm configuration:  stretched-x

Kit includes:

  • x1 2 mm bottom plate
  • x1 2 mm top plate
  • x1 2 mm sandwich plate (with holes for sunk nuts)
  • x4 4 mm arm
  • x9 sunk nuts (kit requires 8)
  • x9 6mm M3 screws (kit requires 8)
  • x13 11mm M3 screws (kit requires 12)
  • x5 nylon standoffs (for fc stack, kit requires 4)
  • x5 nylon nuts (kit requires 4)
  • x4 35mm M3 standoffs

The weight of the frame including hardware is 83 grams.

The standoff width at the front and back of the frame is 30.5 mm.

*Please note that this frame is designed to accomodate a micro camera.  3D printed mounts can easily be found on thingiverse, or they can be ordered on Brain3D. 

Check out my overview of the frame on YouTube:


Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or special design requests.  

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