Gizmo Frames

Underdawg 5 Inch Stretched X Micro Cam 5mm Arms

Price : $ 37.28

Propeller size : 5"


Stretched X Frame for 5" Props.

This frame has 5mm arms and 2mm bottom and middle plates for extra strength at a moderate weight.

  • 30.5x30.5 mm
  • 30mm standoffs give enough room for ESC, FC, RX and VTX stack
  • For Micro Cams like Runcam Micro
  • 16-19mm bolt circle for 22xx and 23xx Motors
  • Weight: 66 g with standoffs and screws. May vary a little through production tolerances
  • 5 mm arms, 2 mm bottom and middle and 1,5 mm topplate

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