Druckbaer Racing Frames

Druckbaer Racing Frames is an authentic fpv frame manufacturer / design forge located in Brunswick, Germany. We try to define a unique way of creating custom quads with outstanding functionality to move the border of practically. 

More info: www.druckbaer-racing-frames.de


Have fun with our designs and as always:


Druckbaer Ultralight 3 RACE - 5 INCH

Price : $ 72.00

Propeller size : 5"


! LIGHT is the new FAST !

With the Ultralight 3 Race, Druckbär is expanding its portfolio for the ambitious racer who wants to be both light and fast.

Thanks to the unique arm construction, the Ultralight 3 Race combines repair friendliness with stability. The arms are reinforced against the Ultralight 2 and meet for an optimal force flow in the middle. A keyhole principle makes it easy to change an arm in the event of breakage by removing the outer screw, releasing the inner one slightly, and pushing out the arm. As soon as the screw head and the widening match, the arm can simply be led upwards. Insert new arm, lock and tighten.Armwechsel

Like the new Ultralight, the Race version also relies on high-strength titanium bolts. You can put on these bravely, without the fear of a sheared screw head. We also recommend the use of safety lacquer to counteract unintentional loosening of the screws.

Full Hardware Compatibility: With the Ultralight 3 Race you can use either 20x20mm or 30.5x30.5mm hardware. For the camera we recommend a Micro Cam (Runcam Swift Micro or similar). But you can also build a Runcam Split and record your flights in HD without any extra weight. (Please note the necessary installation space of a Runcam Split)

The arms of the Ultralight 3 Race also have a crash protection, which protects the motors against damage when impacted. The front two arms are screwed forward with the mandrel, the rear arms turned with the mandrel to the side. So the potential impact pages are protected.


Regarding the motor choice, you are completely free with an Ultralight 3 Race: 1407er engine with M2x12mm perforated rim or a 1806, 2204 engine with M3x16 perforated rim. Even the motors with M3x12mm bolt circle you can mount, because we have left on two M2 holes extra extra space for manual boring. So you are very flexible in the choice of your race setup.

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