Druckbaer Racing Frames

Druckbaer Racing Frames is an authentic fpv frame manufacturer / design forge located in Brunswick, Germany. We try to define a unique way of creating custom quads with outstanding functionality to move the border of practically. 

More info: www.druckbaer-racing-frames.de


Have fun with our designs and as always:


Druckbaer Ultralight 3 - 6 INCH

Price : $ 67.00

Propeller size : 6"


The success story continues with the new Ultralight 3.

Freshly slimmed down and free from contaminated sites, the new lightweight from Druckbär presents itself. With only 32g in the 5 inch variant sub200 are no more barriers in the way.

With the Ultralight 3 you need neither a badge, nor a drone license. The low weight makes flying feel and efficiency very important. Your not only saving in construction costs, but you also save a lot of energy and thus stay in the air longer.

Since even the best pilots sometimes crash, your Ultralight 3 comes with 5 arms as standard to your home. Due to the simple change mechanism of the arms, the Ultralight is quickly back where it belongs: in the air!

Full hardware compatibility: With the Ultralight 3 you can use either 20x20mm or 30.5x30.5mm hardware. For the camera we recommend a Micro Cam (Runcam Swift Micro or similar). But you can also install a Runcam Split and record your flights in HD without any extra weight. (Please note the necessary installation space of a Runcam Split)

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