Freelance Design Services

We do not have a designing service, per se. But we do know many skilled CAD designers who can help you. They likely will charge a fee for the designing work. Armattan Productions is not involved in the design process and we do not have fees associated with refering a freelance designer to you.  Freelancers are what they are. They work for themselves. They do not work for Armattan Productions and they do not work on behalf of Armattan Productions.

We recommend that you always prototype designs that you upload for production before listing them on sale in your store. Armattan Productions is only responsible for defective parts that may not have been cut as per the designs uploaded. This is very rare, however.  We are not responsible, on the other hand, if we cut the parts correctly but the design you uploaded is incorrect. 

Armattan Productions takes no part in offering design advice or inspecting designs for flaws or miscalculations. Hence why we recommend you ptototype the designs you create, be it your own design or that of a freelancer you hired to help you out.

If you are wondering which designs have been tested and which ones have not, we have made it easy for you to simply visit the designers' stores to contact them and ask questions.  You will also notice that some designers have real pictures of the models uploaded as well as videos. These are usually pretty well tested models with good followings on social media such as and Facebook. 

On that note, happy tinkering and designing. Keep your thinking caps on! :) 

Team Armattan